Meet Jovina

Like Marieta and me, Jovina is a first-year female engineering student at the University of Waterloo. She has kindly taken a bit of her time over the summer to answer a couple of questions to help us kick off the “Meet the Students” series on this blog.

1. What program are you in and what made you choose it?
I’m attending Computer Engineering with co-op this fall. It interests me how there’s always something new and updated in this field, although the main reason I chose this field is because its demand is likely to increase in the next 10 years. We live in the 21st century so our community will continue to modernize and make advancements.

2. Why did you choose the University of Waterloo?
Like most students, UW won me over by its intensive co-op program. I wanted to make sure I had the resume and innovative, hands-on experience UW offers to become more employable after I graduate. Finding a job after you graduate will always be difficult, so I want to utilize UW’s connections to give me the upper hand. In addition to co-op, UW has small class sizes, practical laboratory experience, diverse campus, and credible reputation in ECE and SE. University of Waterloo was the right choice for me.

3. As an incoming first-year student, what are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?
Honestly, I’m very nervous about just passing into my second year at UW. A lot of people drop out after first-year. Also the workload in ECE is a lot. I’m definitely going to exercise a lot of time-management skills this fall. On the other hand, I’m excited for the university experience and becoming apart of UW’s diverse community.

4. Are you staying on campus or off campus? If on campus, which rez and why? If off campus, why? How will you be getting to school?
I will not be living on campus for my first year. I’ve lived in Waterloo for a year so far, so I’m commuting from home. I’ll have it a lot easier than most students in terms of time and costs. As for transportation, I will either use a bike or the bus. A bonus to being a UW student is that our student cards doubles as a free bus pass.

5. Lastly, tell us some fun things to know about you!
I’m very interested in sports; hopefully I can join a team if I can handle my schedule! I’m interested in joining one of UW’s varsity or intramural teams. I’m from the Caribbean and only lived in Canada for a year, so I can relate to the adjustments most international students will go through. Other than that, I’m just an average UW freshman. :)

If you want to ask Jovina questions about her experience, leave them in the comments section below! Thanks again to Jovina for volunteering!

1A Electrical Engineering
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