Last Week of Class Thoughts

I’m feeling overwhelmed so I’m sharing some thoughts to get it all out. After all, this blog is to show everyone what life as a uWaterloo Engineering student is like.

So yes, it is already the last week of class. How did the semester fly by so fast? I remember travelling with my parents near the end of August, feeling excited and nervous about life and uWaterloo soon and then it all happened and I don’t even know what to think now.

My days are long; 8:30AM to 5:20PM on an average day, sometimes an hour shorter or sometimes two hours longer, but I managed. The days actually feel short to me now. When you’re busying working in a tutorial or lab, or learning in a lecture, it’s nothing. I just go through the classes, go home to work, eat dinner, then work some more. Basically, I work about 60% of the day. I don’t ever really stop.

So now we’re about to start finals. I’m terrified of the thought of having to write finals, especially when I’m behind in a couple of classes. Fortunately I’ve managed to catch up for the most part but there will be so much studying to do.

I’m still trying to find a co-op job for January 2014. That’s just additional stress right now. Never would have thought that I would still be unemployed after all the stats they gave us on how high employment rates are. We’re still only 30% employed at the moment. What a terrifying fact.

I’m stressed to say the least right now. It all happens so fast. Unexpected but it’s fine. I’ll pull through.


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