The Youth Link

Attention high school students! A friend of mine in ECE 2018, Blake, created this great website called The Youth Link that I thought I would share with you all to help you find more opportunities and scholarships. Everything posted on the website will help you prepare for university.

If you’re going into Engineering or Computer Science, I highly recommend the Waterloo Mathematics and Computing Contests as well as the FIRST Robotics Competition if they’re available to you where you are. They’re great to put on your AIF! I would also suggest looking under the Exchanges & Trips section of the website as well because if I could go back to high school and do a few more things, I probably would have applied to more exchange programs. They’re great experiences that you may not have as much time for once you’re in university so do it while you can! *Correction: there are over 60 exchange programs in 25 countries available in your 3rd year!

Be sure to spread the word and get your friends to take a look at the website too. There will be more opportunities and scholarships posted soon.

Way to go, Blake! :)

1A Electrical Engineering
University of Waterloo


3 thoughts on “The Youth Link

  1. We do have lots of Waterloo Engineering students going on exchange, typically during 3A or 3B. So don’t forget about that option! Past exchanges for Software Engineering students have included places like National University of Singapore and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (in Switzerland).

  2. Lucy says:

    I am a high school student looking to apply to Waterloo for computer engineering or software engineering.
    For both programs, what types of experience is helpful to put on the AIF?
    Secondly, is it possible to take extra courses during the work term? Do these courses have to be at Waterloo in order to count towards your engineering degree at Waterloo?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Hi Lucy,

      The AIF is for the university to look beyond the academics; your transcript will do the talking when it comes down to what core courses you excel at. If you’re looking into Computer or Software Engineering, I’m guessing you’ve got at least some programming experience; make sure you write about it in your AIF and if you’re passionate about it, show it! Talk about any cool projects you’ve worked on, any extra-curricular activites you’ve been involved in, and any competitions that may be relevant. Don’t be afraid to brag because that’s the point of the AIF!

      With extra courses during work terms, I believe you can but they are unlikely to be your required courses unless you’re retaking them because you didn’t pass the first time. These courses are done online and I believe they can be from different universities. You will have to speak to the academics advisors about this one. We are required to take a professional development course during our work term already though so I’m not sure if taking additional courses during your work term is a good idea. Co-op is great for getting real-world experiences so take a break from the academics and enjoy the term!

      Good luck!

      1A Electrical Engineering
      University of Waterloo

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