Orientation Week News!


First-year engineering students! Have you checked out the Engineering Orientation page yet? Today, the team information has been released and you can check out what team YOU are on by entering your 8-digit UW ID# here. There, you’ll also be able to read messages from your Engineering Orientation leaders.

Orientation Week is going to be fun so make sure you confirm attendance. You can do so by logging in here with your Quest credentials. What happens if you can’t make it? Just log in on the same page (here!) and let them know that you can’t make it. It’s the same page if you suddenly want to opt out. I encourage all of you to attend Orientation Week though because it’s the chance for you to relax, meet new people, and have some fun!

If you’re interested, the schedule for faculty specific events are listed here. There are activities and events from the scavenger hunt to junkyard wars, and we will also be earning our yellow hardhats. Software Engineering students will earn their yellow hardhat from the Faculty of Engineering and their pink tie from the Faculty of Mathematics. There will be more ways to earn hardhats throughout your university career at UW if you plan to take part in future Engineering Orientations as leaders. Information on how to earn these hardhats is listed here. Look out for the six engineering students with the orange hardhats; they’re the Media Gurus so smile or strike a pose! Here are some of the photos from last year.

Just a side note before I go, I noticed that quite a few first-year engineering students don’t know what stream they’re in yet. If you haven’t seen already, the list is available here. It’s especially important for ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) students to check because the program is offered in both stream 4 and stream 8. Most other engineering programs are offered in one stream only.

Have a good rest of the summer!

1A Electrical Engineering
University of Waterloo


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