Introducing the Authors

You may be wondering what this blog is all about, and since this is the first post I will explain while keeping it short. I, Marieta, along with a friend of mine, Celina, will be one of the first year bloggers in the 2013/2014 year at the University of Waterloo, representing the Engineering department. Both Celina and I have been accepted to be one of the many new first year students coming into the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs, respectively, and we’re excited to tell you all about our experiences!

Not only will we talk about what our programs are like and how we like our classes, our topics will range from residences choices to course material, from all the great clubs at UW to the campus plaza’s selection of food. We will talk about anything and everything that we encounter in our first year at the University of Waterloo to show others, such as you, what it’s like to come be a student at this university.

More blogs will be expected shortly, as the beginning of our first year at university is only a short time away (only a month!). Celina and I are both very excited and hope to keep you guys posted soon. :)

1A Computer Engineering
University of Waterloo


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